The diary of a painter

An Artist keeps a diary, exactly a year and a day. And he does this in a painterly way. He does not write, he paints. He sits down, takes an A4 paper and paint what ever he feels at this moment, without a plan or any intensions, only guided by intuition. Resultings are abstract paintings, landscapes, nude portraits, surreal, symbolic and expressive paintings. All in all these are 72 painted stories, provided with short written comments, sometimes not longer than one letter. All those paintings are now to find in the book PRIMUM SPIRITUS and provide deep insights in creative processes.

On the run

Humans are fleeing out of different reasons, sometimes it is because of a natural desaster, which destroyed everything vital and forces the people to leave their homes, or it is a war, that nobody wanted or a economical crisis, personal trouble, political and every other kind of suppression. This cycle is about the stories of fleeing people. It is not only about the reasons to flee but also the global effects and the effects on every single one.


what happens with gods when nobody is beliving in them any more? For thousands of years people have belived in gods, they pray to them, they sacrifice precious things and even life itself, some were even willing to kill their own son for god and burn him down in flames. Wars were fought in their names, people surpressed each other, they fear them, they love them, and then, sometimes even just over night, they claim some of their own gods as wrong or not even existing! The central question in this cycle is: what happens to gods and idols when humans stop beliving in them? Where are they? What are they doing? Are they offended? Or are they planning revenge, maybe a whipe out? These paintings should encourage us to think about our actual values and imaginations...

Abstract Work