Radan Lujic was born on 13.10.1966, in Bijeljina, Bosna
Has been living in Vienna since 1992.
He has formed his artstyle himself, freelancing since 1992.
In 2005 he became a member of the “IG bildende Kunst”.

In his art he is always looking for the equilibrium. But for him it is not enough to reconcile the picturesque elements, rather he exeeds the limits of the art world and tries to realice those ideals in his day-to-day life as well. A small part of this isworking with charitable organizations. Because the most important thing for a human is the human. He pays attention to humans in all his versatility – even when he paints trees or mountains. The secret of creation is hidden in everything. In a tree he sees more than just wood, in a river more than water and in a mountain more than rocks. He is interested in the universal values of life. Values, which are equal to all humans, in alltimes, in all places on earth and he transferres this tought process into his art.

Some characteristics of his work are: rich, full colours, built by layering, dynamic and yet balanced compositions, color- and light/dark contrast, noticeably separated areas and curved lines. His language is narrative, poetic, philosophical, metaphysical and meditative.

All in all he is a versatile modern-classical painter.